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How to Send Large Files from one Computer to another for Free?

▶ Sending large files from on computer to another can be a tiresome task.

▶ There may be many free cloud storage services like Dropbox, MediaFire etc using which you can share files. Every time you intend to share files via cloud, you will have to upload it their servers and later your friends will have to download it.

▶ But most of the cloud services won’t allow you to share large files as big as 10-20GB. ▶ This is where zeZebra comes into the picture. It is a multi-platform peer-to-peer file sharing service that allows you to share files of any size between different computers and smartphones.

▶ Here, the data is not uploaded to any servers instead directly transferred from your PC to the other in a secure channel.

▶ The best thing about this software is that it’s absolutely free!

Download zeZebra for Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone!

▶ Continue reading to know more about using and running zeZebra.

Source article: technojourney

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